From quick and easy edits to complex, massive projects: I can bring a decade of top industry experience to the table - whether you work in TV, Online, Film or Advertising.

I can offer a full package or any combination of the following magical arts:

- Synchronisation

- Sequencing

- Cutting

- Editing

- Colour Correction/Grading

- Sound Design and Mixing

- Motion Graphics

- Subtitling

Also, I'll be bringing my creative spark. Excited? Reach out for a quote!


What reaction does this picture draw from you?

If it's anything between a terrified scream and a blank stare - I can help you.

From drafting ideas to finalising concepts, you've got a friend in me. We will slay this empty page and find the remarkable story it hides.


Sometimes you have everything: a fantastic story, great talent, a dedicated team, lots of money, generous deadlines, calm producers - and yet, things just don't work. And it's so bad, because you can't even tell what's wrong!

Fear not! In my decorated experience I have tested by fire a ridiculous amount of workflows, pipelines and scenarios: and I'm willing to share this knowledge with you.

I'm trained in dramaturgy and scriptwriting as well. I have a background in teaching Avid Media Composer and Editing dating all the way back to my university years - and more recently, my alumni have directly entered the industry as editors.

So I do know a thing or two about story telling and visual arts. Let me know how I can help you and your team - it will be an honour.