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On (2024)


Directed by Samuel Laprand
DoP Bruno Perrin

Edited by Boris Siromahov

"At On, we believe incredible things happen when humans move. Being in motion taps into the place in the subconscious where inspiration lies. It's called flow state: A mindset where action and awareness blur together, leaving us fully immersed in the moment."

ADAN e.V. (2023)



Look at that green screen cleanup!


"ADAN is a unique network in the German-speaking world that brings together students, professionals and companies/organizations. We offer our members a platform to connect with companies and organizations, promote personal and professional development, and actively influence issues affecting Black People of Colour (BPoC) and the African Diaspora."

avasis (2022)



Flashy, stylish and chic - wouldn't you want to go on next year's conference?


"Since 1997, avasis has acquired considerable market share in consulting, implementation, support, and training of digital solutions in the areas Teamcenter, Polarion NX, and Teamcenter Quality.  We specialise in regulated industries, especially medical technology, mechanical and apparatus engineering, and mechatronics. We  implement digital solutions for technological progress together with our customers, to give them a competitive advantage and increase efficiency."

HOCM Deutschland (2022) 



Medical professionals from all backgrounds give lectures on life with HOCM to the community in Frankfurt.  How significant is this for the people? Very.


"HOCM Deutschland is an initiative for people with Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy."

BMI Deutschland (2022)



A classic business-to-business video. In this case, an important new department is presented at BMI's annual conference. The German word of the day is FLACHDACH, and it means flat roof.


"At BMI Group, we believe a roof can offer so much more than shelter, protection and peace of mind. Today a roof can also be a power station, a living space, a vertical garden, even a work of art."

Savos Productions (2022)



This mini-documentary follows the massive "God Stories" project to upscale and restore several films from the 80s until today.


"Savo’s Productions Ltd. is a boutique audio and video production company  at the intersection of production, sound, and distribution, and are laser focused on providing you with images and sound of a stunning quality. We provide a full range of pre-production, production, and post-production services for the film and music industries, from castings to video upscaling with AI-powered technology, and everything in between."

EOS Matrix (2020)



In a world ravaged by COVID-19, EOS Matrix celebrate another year of success after significant digitalisation.


"The EOS Group is a holding company that operates financial services companies with locations in Europe, the United States and Canada. Its core activity is receivables management including receivables purchasing and debt collection."

SPARK (2019)



A hundred brand-new electric Hyundai Konas are ready to swarm the city of Sofia - and they need a stylish representation.


"The very first fully electric car sharing company provides affordable eco-friendly mobility solutions with self-driving pleasure in Sofia and Plovdiv. The easy-to-use system along with the newest vehicles inspires reaching your destination faster, in style, and respecting the environment."