Exceptional skill. Lightning pace. Devotion to excellence. Astonishing results. These phrases are scratching the surface of what my services offer.

You will have a decade of experience in the visual storytelling industry at your service, as well as the creative mind behind a mountain of successful TV shows, promotional campaigns and businesses.

Trailers, Promos, Teasers, Commercials, Spots, Adverts, Music Videos, Short films, Feature films, Documentaries, Reality TV, Lifestyle programs, Business events, Conferences, YouTube videos... you name it, I've done it - better than the rest.

Now you have access to this creative force. Unleash it.


A, editing is fun.

B, with the ascent of social media, a lot of people attempt to do editing, but very few are actually professional. This opens a window of opportunity for those truly skilled to do better than just pay the bills.

C, post-production is where the real magic of the moving image happens. The process of fitting all pieces of a story together in a complex puzzle is terrifyingly addictive.

D, creating positive emotions for everyone else might be our purpose in life.

E, it's a life of adventure. No two days are the same, and this is great.


All of those plus a meticulously crafted hard-working, determined-for-success, easy-going, well-educated, communicative, and inspiring character.

I did run out of breath when I was reading that last bit out loud.


Boris Siromahov has 8 years of experience in TV, Advertising and Online Media. During this time he rose to the rank of Senior Video editor for Survivor, MasterChef, TheVoice and more, smashing what were considered "impossible" ratings.

Recently he has shifted his focus to the world of film, running his own trailers and post-production business.

Boris graduated from the University of the West of England with First Class Honours in Journalism in 2016.

He has been awarded two National Union of Journalists Awards for his work, one of which he won with his individually-produced documentary about water security in Uganda.

After moving to Germany in 2022, Boris started "Frankfurt English News" and "In Essence. Ideas Explained." in 2023.