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Son of the Mullah (2023)


Directed by Nahid Persson
Director of Photography Nahid Persson

Trailer with English subtitles
"The Iranian journalist Roohollah Zam was born into a high-ranking clergy family. After opposing the regime, he is forced to leave the country and lives in exile in France, where he runs a news channel that exposes the regime's abuse of power. However, the regime manages to infiltrate his network and plants infiltrators posing as regime critics. Roohollah is lured into a trap and kidnapped to Iran."

Losing Eric (2023)


Directed by Jai Santiago
Director of Photography Jerard McKinzie


"Eric suffers from schizophrenia. His brother doesn't want to give up on him."

Family Dystopia (2023)


Directed by Samuel Laprand
Director of Photography Samuel Laprand


"Maria is 24 in a society where freedom of speech is forbidden. She embarks on a perilous mission to save herself and her little sister from an inevitable brainwashing ceremony at age 25."

The Location Manager (2023)


Directed by Andreas Graf
Director of Photography Andreas Graf


"When Jason is sent out by his boss Yianni to find a filming location in Greece for an American social media starlet from Las Vegas, his nerves are stretched to the limit."

Son of The Mullah (2023)


Directed by Nahid Persson Sarvestani

Get Out (RomCom Trailer) (2023)



I suspect that a film student was needing assistance with some homework for this -  nonetheless, a classic style exercise.